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    July 26, 2013

Koochieplay Opens Its Global Reach towards the Philippines

Koochie Play is a company created by Roben Dass, an Indian entrepreneur who had also been involved in other profitable organizations prior. At some point, he was the CEO of Roffe Construction Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.  His former ventures were in the business of imports and exports, and the distribution of products related to construction. However, he had sold them off, and/or closed those business to prioritize the establishment of Koochie.


Koochie Play is a multinational brand that manufactures outdoor playsets for children, designed to childproof and prevent major injuries from being inflicted on the children. In formally establishing its operations in the Philippines, the company set a meeting with the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Among the most distinguished individuals who attend were Mr. Robert Dass himself, Jess Varela of PCCI, Mr Chotrani of the PIBC, and Mr. Vishnu Hathirami.