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Get in touch with fellow members by attending professional meetings and events. Come in contact with industry experts and fellow-businessmen.

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Research potential competitors within the region, identify new opportunities, form strategic partnerships, and establish international expansion.

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Council Endeavors

Get to know the business council and our recent activities.


Feature Event – 2

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Ongoing Event – 1

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Philippines General Election

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Ongoing Event – 3

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Ongoing Event – 4

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Ongoing Event – 2

What We Do

PIBC stands firstly with the objective to promote business in general among both Philippines and India and to provide a forum for discussion and exchanging views, in aspects of both local and international that would affect the Philippines and India. We work work hand in hand with the different sectors of the Philippines and India business industries to strengthen,expedite, promote, introduce, and accelerate success for the council, its members, and their endeavors.

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B2B and Partnerships

Ensures your company’s products and services are met with the right parties at the right time.

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Industry Knowledge

Access to key information and data regarding different major sectors within the country.

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Market Entry and Expansion

Provides market research and sector specific studies.

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Growth Partner

Sees to it that all of its members will have the opportunity to expand under its wing.

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Global Network Access

A platform that connects different networks from outside the Philippines.

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Business Services

Assists in company registration and appropriate set-up in the Philippines.


The Council is the premier venue for upholding and advancing different trades and industries between India and the Philippines. PIBC serves as the door and the window of opportunities for the Philippines and India to seek better alternatives toward continuous business improvement.

Industry Watch

A quick watch on the latest business updates.

Our Partners

The Philippines-India Business Council is the exclusive partners of the top business associations in India in the Philippines. These partner organizations, assist us in business matching and networking, information sharing and advisement, and provide an extended platform to facilitate growth on a global scale.

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